Pure Hope Clothing


What does up-cycling mean? 

Up-cycling is turning a clothes or fabric item that is deemed worthless and into something better with a higher quality.

All the clothes are made from fabric that has been up-cycled. These materials are no longer good for commercial use, meaning they will get sent to landfill. I buy these materials and use them to make the boiler suits, dresses and everything else you see. 

Can I model for you?

Yes! We are always looking for new female faces to model for us however we cannot pay you at this moment but you will get some funky pictures :)

If you are interested please send a headshot, full length and general size measurements to purehopeclothing@hotmail.com

How did you create your clothing line?

You can read our story here 

Why are your clothes expensive?

Paying the people who make the clothes, buying material, paying Indian Tax, paying master cutters, paying for shipping and then making a profit to sustain the business. The price reflects the effort and time that is put in making the clothes :)