Pure Hope Clothing

My Story

My dream for Pure Hope Clothing started in January 2018 when I travelled to South East Asia on a mission trip. I was inspired by the people and their hospitality, the vibrant colours and the scenic views. I loved it so much I knew I wanted to return. While being out there however, I quickly realised the injustice and pain many people face, from poverty to exploitation to illness. I saw this and wanted to do something about it.

I have always loved creativity and fashion, starting my first Depop account selling vintage and retro clothes when I was 17. While I was abroad, I read an interview about a British lady who started an ethical and sustainable clothing brand, based in India and specialising in organic cotton. It was a light bulb moment for me where the idea of combining my two passions, creativity and social justice was truly born. 

After doing some research I came across Ashanari. 

Their ethics and values towards women and children empowerment, sustainability and ethical clothing aligned with mine and I reached out to Nitin, the founder. We conversed over WhatsApp over the next few months, him sending me pictures of beautiful fabrics. I ordered a pair of pink corduroy trousers and seeing the quality I booked a ticket with my Mum to Jaipur to see it all for myself.

Nitin oversees SAKSHAM, the child education project providing free education to children and women in slum areas. While Deepti oversees the clothing project supporting women make a living for themselves. The funds they make through their partners support these two projects. 

We travelled to many different zero waste fabric shops to purchase materials, as well as an amazing block printing factory. I picked and bought my fabrics and took them to the workshop, the workshop that Deepti so wonderfully oversees. 

Here is Kiran and Antia working on the collection. 

Here is some of the team; Deepti in the blue dress who oversees the project, Vjiay the cutting master who creates the first pattern for the ladies to work on, Anita carrying her child, in the white shirt is Payal and the lady to the far right is Ritu. The are mothers, sisters and aunties, providing for themselves in a way they can be proud. 

Pure Hope Clothing has a dream to continue building connections with artisans and seamstresses, expanding to other nations with a dream to see equality in the fashion sphere. The need is strong but one drop can create a ripple effect that can create a big impact! 


Rebekah x