Pure Hope Clothing

How It's Made

The process of creating the Pure Hope collection, started by purchasing some industrial waste fabrics.

Industrial waste fabrics are fabrics that cannot be used for commercial use and big companies throw away, often to landfill. However smaller businesses buy these fabrics before they are thrown and we (Pure Hope Clothing) buy it from them. This is a great sustainable way of lengthening the life of the fabric and creating zero waste. 

Once I have purchased these fabrics, I then take the materials to the Empowerment Sewing Workshop to be handmade by the lovely ladies at the project. Along with my designs and measurements to Deepti (the overseers of the workshop) she gives it to the ladies to work on, paying them fairly per piece. They are incredibly talented at what they do and put effort and skill into all they create. 

Once they are done, they are ready to be sent to my house in the UK where a Pure Hope label is handsewn by my amazing Mum and we also wash and iron each piece. Available to whoever would like them in recyclable packaging!